Student mentoring event: Making yourself stand out in hyper competitive job markets, using Florida as a case study

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 2:30-4:30 pm

On average, hiring committees receive over 70 applications per entry level technician job posting in Florida.  Under these circumstances, getting a job as an early career scientist is seemingly impossible. This mentoring event will provide a venue for students to ask professionals that are hiring fisheries biologists what they need to do to improve their chances at getting a job in this hyper-competitive market.

The first half of the event will be a panel discussion, where students can ask professionals questions regarding interviews, resumes, and most importantly how to best position yourself for long-term employment.  Panelists will include eight scientists from academic, state and federal agencies, and not-for-profit organizations in Florida. The panel discussion will last for 45 minutes, where students are free to ask employment questions from this group.

Immediately following the panel discussion, we will transition to a speed mentoring session. Here the students can interface in a small group (5-6 students per mentor) with the panelists to seek advice about how to improve your chances of getting a job in fisheries science. The speed mentoring session will allow students to ask panelists questions in a less public, more personal setting, as well as provide a venue for more in-depth discussion.  Mentors are assigned to tables and students will seat themselves. At the end of ten minutes, students will switch tables. We will run the event for 50 minutes (5, 10 minute sessions).