Stop the Invasion!
Innovative Lionfish Management

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 | 11 am – 12 pm
30B, Tampa Convention Center, 4th Floor

Lionfish have the potential to negatively impact recreational and commercial fisheries and ecosystems.

Join a group of experts involved in lionfish research, management, and awareness, to highlight innovative and viable solutions to help fight the invasion of lionfish in our waters.

Among the proposed issues for discussion:

  • Broad, regional environmental impacts.
  • Local and regional impacts on commercial and recreational fisheries.
  • New fisheries management solutions.
  • Creative seafood marketing solutions.
  • The future landscape for invasive species prevention/management, including legislative solutions.

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Representative Holly Raschein
    Florida House of Representatives, District 120
  • Mr. James Ballard
    Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission
  • Dr. Stephen Gittings
    NOAA, National Marine Sanctuary
  • Dr. Will Patterson
    University of Florida, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  • Ms. Kali Spurgin
    FWC Division of Marine Fisheries Management, Lionfish Outreach
  • Mr. Dave Ventura
    Whole Foods, Florida Region Seafood

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Note: Seating will be limited.