Sunday, August 20th

8:30 am – 4:30 pm

BioBase Workshop and Field Demo: EcoSound and EcoSat automated aquatic habitat mapping technologies

Sponsored by
C-MAP Inc.


Come learn about how Fisheries resource managers and researchers across the US and abroad are using off-the-shelf Sonar and GPS technology along with automated, cloud-based data processing to map depth, aquatic vegetation and bottom hardness in waterbodies (EcoSound).   Next, we’ll discuss new cloud technologies for automated processing of high resolution satellite imagery for the detection of riparian, wetland, coastal and floating leaf vegetation (EcoSat). Together, these products form the BioBase Cloud Platform.

First in the classroom, we’ll briefly cover high level features of both EcoSound and EcoSat.  Next, we’ll dive into EcoSound in more detail, cover signal processing and outputs, and discuss some lake survey design strategies.  Third, we’ll walk participants through some common data processing tasks with GIS (e.g., creating transects and converting to a GPS readable file).  Finally, we’ll take attendants out for a field demonstration on a boat equipped with a BioBase-compatible sounder/gps chartplotter and collect data from Hillsborough Bay directly adjacent to the Marriot Waterside Hotel.

Registration is free and is on a First Come, First Serve basis.  Attendance is limited to 25 with no more than 3 people from the same organization eligible to attend.  Attendees should bring a laptop, ideally with a recent version of ArcGIS.

If interested please contact Ray Valley at